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  •  Dr. Anastasi, Founding Director and Dr.  Capili have long been involved in symptom  management especially distressing, chronic symptoms associated with  gastrointestinal, neurological and immunological conditions which often  affect quality of life.  Symptoms are one of the most common reasons  individuals seek health care. At times, treatment options offered by  health care providers are inadequate to control the symptoms and/or the  treatments. In addition, some treatments may have associated toxicities  which can further complicate the presenting condition and jeopardize  patient adherence.  Drs. Anastasi and Capili have an extensive history of  federally funded research studies involving symptom management, and served on  numerous scientific boards and have mentored postmasters graduate  students and doctoral students (NIH/NRSA fellowships) .

Research Experience & Research Service


Institutional Review Board Member

Advisory Board Member and Clinical Research

Research Scientist Mentor

National Institutes of Health Study Reviewer

Data Safety Monitoring Reviewer

Clinical Trial Design

Award Recipients of NIH Investigator Initiated Studies

Core Director, Design, Methods and Biostatistical Core P-30 


Cochrane Centre  Contributor to Collaboration 

STRICTA guidelines Standards for Reporting Interventions in 

 Controlled Trials of Acupuncture